Musicbox hanging on share scan and Last.Fm scrobbling not working

Hi All,
I’ve recently started using MusicBox as part of my first foray into Pi world - really impressed!
Basic Spotify etc works brilliantly,
However, I’ve got two issues which I’m trying to solve.
Firstly, music scanning - I’ve got an old XP PC with a normal windows share that runs as my media server. Only about 9000 files on it. I set the MusicBox ini to scan it on startup, and it ran, so I wandered off and left it. Came back and the screen was blank. The only thing I could do was to hard power down.
Started up again, and the scan started running on the unsynced files, however it got to a certain point and gave me this message:Link to screenshot

(apologies, as a new user I don’t appear to be able to post a screenshot)

Any ideas what’s causing this? It hangs at this point and won’t go any further.

Secondly, despite verifying the credentials, my Last. FM scrobbling doesn’t seem to work. Is there something else I need to enable?

Please bear with me on this one - whilst I’m a software person by trade, this is my first foray into both the Pi and Linus-ish world!
Setup is a Pi2 with the latest build ISO.
Any help much appreciated!

The screenshot looks like a corrupt sd card to me.

Is able tog in? It should print “INFO Scrobbler connected to” in the Mopidy log if so.