Subsonic - can I browse it?

I have my own subsonic server running on another PI, since ages, working well. Now I tried to connect to it with the Pi Musicbox (my second PI behind my AV receiver). As I can see my Playlists from the subsonic server in the fabulous musicbox client, I can say that the connection works - buuut -…
When I click on a playlists I get no results “Loading data from MusicBox. Please wait…”.
When I click on Browse I do not see an entry for subsonic. Should there be an entry? How is the subsonic implementation supposed to work?

Thank you very much!

OK, I am getting a result after clicking on a playlist, it just took some time.
So only one question left: can I browse the subsonic?

Browsing doesn’t seem to be supported. was opened by someone else missing it, but the issue wasn’t quite clear about what the problem was, so I’ve provided a bit more details and hopefully the mopidy-subsonic author will give it a go and add the missing feature.

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@adamcik is talking about Mopidy's (file) browsing interface. What you're able to do in mupeace is list by artist, album etc. Presumably mupeace supports file browsing; Mpdroid certainly does.