Stop adding artists back catalogue when selecting one track

Any chance you could change it so that selecting a track after searching for an artist doesn’t add their entire back catalogue to the queue?
It would be less stressful for my poor pi to just add the containing album. Or at least put in a confirmation that you want to add 1000’s of tracks to the playlist.



There are optimisations in the (unreleased) development branch that should speed up this a bit. However, they don’t change the underlying behaviour you describe. I agree it can be frustrating and the idea of a warning message is a nice idea.

You can also of course click the album name first and then click the song to get a more sensible tracklist. Maybe an extra option to do this in the track’s three-dot-menu would help. In case you don’t know, there’s also the option in the track’s three-dot-menu to select ‘play <song name>’ which will add just the particular song. There is/was a patch to make this the default behaviour but it seems to have fizzled out. Arguably, allowing the default behaviour to be configurable would be the nicest option for users.

Usually I click into the album of the track and load it that way, but annoyingly I'm usually browsing on my phone and swipes can get easily misinterpreted as clicks!

Work arounds are cool for the time being.