Radio Station does not work!

Hi dear people,

I installed under Raspbian jessie mopidy.

I have two questions.

I have created a file named Radio.m3u. This file contains:


When I try to play the radio station under mopidy-> Playlists, then I get in the console the following error message:

ERROR    WebSocket request error: Expected album to be a <class 'mopidy.models.Album'>, not {u'uri': u'x', u' name': u''}
ERROR    WebSocket request error:
ERROR    WebSocket request error:

What’s this? How can I solve this problem?

Second question:
I have installed on iPhone and Android a MPD client App. I see only the MP3 files but not the radio station playlists! Why can I not see the radio stations with a MPD client App?

I want to play (control) the radio stations mostly over a MPD client App and not each time through a web browser.

Thank you for the answers.

AFAIK, the error messages are caused by a bug in Mopidy-Musicbox-Webclient. I think it might already be fixed., or what do you think @kingosticks ?

Yes, it is a bug in the musicbox-webclient that ships with musicbox 0.6. I do not think there is a release containing that fix (yes, this is really lazy of me).