Adding radio station to tunein

hi, I was wondering is it possible to add radio stations to tunein? if it is maybe some guidance to the right direction would be needed, thanks

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As in, how do you add your radio station to TuneIn’s catalogue? No idea but sounds like a question to ask them directly. I wish you luck, they have been absolutely no help to me with any of the the questions I had for them. I may have developed the extension but I think it’s a terrible platform.

Ok, can you recommend extension which could play stream link? I’m a fan of Tomorrowland radio and it would be nice play it on mopidy.

If you have a stream link, Mopidy should be able to play it directly, just add the stream URI to the tracklist. As for “Tomorrowland radio”, it looks like it’s already available through Mopidy-Tunein, if you search for it it’s the first item.

Ok, thanks. Next question is I’m using Iris web client and I have TuneIn extension installed, but I don’t see search option. Does the web client change extensions some way? Sorry for the noob questions it’s my first installment of mopidy.

Edit: I managed to get it to work. Thanks for your help.

I think I have an old install of iris, but search is the 2nd huge button on the left, once clicked there’s an option to change the “source” on the far right.

Hey I’m new to Mopidy, just dropping in a suggestion.

Try the “Community Radio Browser”.

Essentially this is an open source directory of stations that you can contribute to, and lots of apps use this directory. I was able to add Radio SoBro to the directory and access it via Moode, Mopidy as well as some radio apps on Android.

Add stations here:!/add

Browse stations here:!/tags

Is the installation sudo python3 install correct? I get an error message when trying to install it.