Spotify streaming error: <ErrorType.NO_STREAM_AVAILABLE: 18>

I have an issue with playback randomly stopping. The log outputted the following at the same time:

2020-01-15 10:37:45,457 ERROR [3255:SpotifyEventLoop] spotify.session: Spotify streaming error: <ErrorType.NO_STREAM_AVAILABLE: 18>

If there’s an issue with Spotify, then that’s ok, but it shouldn’t stop the playback entirely. Instead it should attempt to play back the next entry of the playlist. There also seems like Mopidy attempts to play from Spotify even though the local file is in place. Is this correct behaviour or is there a way to make Mopidy prioritize the local files first?

Regarding the 2nd question. This is correct behaviour and there’s no way to prioritise backends. Mopidy backends don’t interact with each other. When you select a particular track to play from your user interface, that track’s URI includes which specific backend it comes from.

If a song is present in your local media collection, then you’d see multiple results in your client when you search for it: one from your local collection, one from Spotify etc. It’s up to you to select which track to play. Normally web clients will indicate in their interface which backend a track comes from. Mpd clients might not do this.

Ok, but what about the first question? This happens now and then and it causes my entire playback to freeze up. There should be written in an exception for this so that the playback of the playlist can continue in case this happens. Preferably gracefully.

I have the same question. I currently run a radio stream using mopidy, mpc and icecast. Occasionally playback stops. using journalctl -u mopidy shows the error Spotify streaming error: <ErrorType.NO_STREAM_AVAILABLE: 18>. I can ‘reset’ playback by using mpc next. I’m thinking of writing a hacky check for when playlist stops but I’d rather not. Is there some workaround for this problem?

I had the same issue when playing sportify playlists. Recently I noticed that the problem does not occur if I use Spotify URIs instead of playlist names. I control mopidy with mpc.

mpc clear
mpc add <uri>
mpc play

You can obtain the spotify URI of a playlist via its playlist settings (…) -> Share -> Copy Spotify URI

I had this NO_STREAM_AVAILABLE message on Friday when I started up Mopidy and tried to resume playback. Restarting Mopidy didn’t seem to help, but restarting the server fixed it.