Spotify streaming error

Streaming spotify music to a raspberry produces a streaming error. It only happens on a raspberry. If I run my application on a PC / Mac it never happens. Streaming on a raspberry from local also works flawlessly. Restarting mopidy helps.

mopidy version: 2.3.1
mopidy-spotify version: 3.1.0
gstreamer: 1.16.1

I started mopidy in verbose mode so you see detailed output before the actual error. Would be great if you could look into this!
Mopidy console output:

DEBUG    2019-11-30 09:16:58,090 [3138:MainThread]
  Got STREAM_START bus message
DEBUG    2019-11-30 09:16:58,091 [3138:MainThread]
  Audio event: stream_changed(uri=u'appsrc://')
DEBUG    2019-11-30 09:16:58,092 [3138:MainThread] mopidy.listener
  Sending stream_changed to AudioListener: {'uri': u'appsrc://'}
DEBUG    2019-11-30 09:16:58,093 [3138:Audio-2]
  Sending flushing seek: position=0
DEBUG    2019-11-30 09:16:58,101 [3138:SpotifyBackend-7] mopidy_spotify.playback
  Audio requested seek to 0
ERROR    2019-11-30 09:17:42,555 [3138:SpotifyEventLoop] spotify.session
  Spotify streaming error: <ErrorType.OTHER_PERMANENT: 10>

I’m not sure we can do anything about an error like that from libspotify. The fact it works on your pc and not the pi is interesting but they are ultimately different architectures so perhaps they are crucially different somehow, we can’t know. Is the pi issue across all tracks or just some?

Edit: actualy, I take that back. A google search suggests we might be doing something wrong w.r.t seeking. But it is strange as I don’t recall ever seeing or hearing of this problem before.

Thanks for the quick answer. Please keep me posted if you find smth.
It happens if seeking to a specific position right after starting to play a track.
I’ll also look into it and try to find some hints how to reproduce this issue.
Is there a possibility to see the cause of this error-type?

Too bad I just have a problem with mopidy on my dev-pc. So it can last a bit until I can continue to work on the problem.