Dell R630/Proxmox/Debian LXC -> Mopidy-Spotify

I have debian running in another LXC and I use X2go for remote access. I get sound when watching youtube.

I created another LXC to run spotify stream from my premium account but running into issues. First I dropped a sample flac file from online into iris folder, my webserver sees the file but when I click on play, the playback starts but there is no audio. Also playback on the webserver goes beyond sond duration.

Local file playback: In the logs, I see this which I believe is the root cause:
“WARNING [FileBackend-3] mopidy.file.library Failed looking up file:///var/lib/mopidy/iris/Symphony%20No.6%20%281st%20movement%29.flac: gst-stream-error-quark: Stream contains no data. (4)”

When playing my spotify playlist, it shows the list of songs even though it says failed to add some tracks.
“May 29 09:09:15 mopidy mopidy[15484]: INFO [SpotifyBackend-6] mopidy_spotify.lookup Failed to lookup ‘spotify:track:2yRBJpAD66GuNRKQ8bKXtY’: Session must be logged in and online to load objects: <ConnectionState.LOGGED_OUT: 0>”

But I am logged into spotify. Same issue when I log out and log back into spotify on the webserver.

Any help please?

Not sure what that error means, but have to you installed GStreamer Good Plug-ins? That has the FLAC plugin.
Or maybe try a different file format and see if that works.

Where have you installed Mopidy-Spotify from? I think you have to install straight from GitHub to get a working version at the moment.

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