[SOLVED] m3u radio debian jessie mopidy 1.1.1

I have still my same problem m3u radio streams not playing on my mopidy 1.1.1. Every other musik works fine.

With sudo service mopidy status I get following:
Sep 19 19:18:37 musik mopidy[1540]: WARNING Track is not playable: http://webstream.radiof.de/radiof
Sep 19 19:18:41 musik mopidy[1540]: WARNING Track is not playable: http://br-mp3-bayern1fran-m.akacast.akamaistream.net/7/101/142690/v1/gnl.akacast.akamaistream.net/br_mp3_bayern1fran_m

It would be great to get it working again.
So far I did a complete new setup of raspbian updatet to jessie with mopidy 1.1.1 and shairport-sync.
Since I am no so experienced with linux I have no further ideas. Help would be great.


Both streams work on my system, running Mopidy 1.1.1.

I notice the topic is marked as solved without any further comments. What was wrong?

Oh, it was my stupid error. I disabled stream in mopidy.conf.
But now everything is really working great+

Best regards, Stefan