Can't play URL stream


i’m a newbie in Linux also in mopidy.

I installed on my Raspberry Pi 3 Raspbian Jessie with all updates.
Also i installed with help by the Documentation mopidy.
All features,like spotify etc, are running und it sounds well.

Now i want to play a Radio stream by URI (

Here the extractet LOG File:

INFO [494:StreamBackend-3] urllib3.connectionpool: Starting new HTTP connection (1):
INFO [494:StreamBackend-3] urllib3.connectionpool: Starting new HTTP connection (1):
WARNING [494:StreamBackend-3] mopidy.internal.http: Problem downloading ‘’: Forbidden
INFO [494:StreamBackend-3] Unwrapping stream from URI (
c0d2be86340dc64a0dc1xxxx) failed: error downloading URI
WARNING [494:Core-7] mopidy.core.tracklist: Track is not playable:

Hope you can help…

I’ve encountered same problem. URLs with querystring (often used as a auth token) fail with the error above. But sometimes it does work.

  1. using Gnome Music Player Client (add url via tools): WORKS
  2. add url via mpc cli: fails with message above
  3. load url via mpc cli: fails
    Python script that uses pygst:
  4. works perfectly on ubuntu 16.04
  5. “Forbidden” error on Ubuntu 14.04 and Raspbian Jessie

I’ve removed all gstreamer libs on rpi, built them back from source, but same problem. Anyone has a clue what’s happeing here?


Are your query strings exclusively auth tokens? Are these single use auth tokens? i.e. ?