Simple html / url command to set volume?

Hi guys,

I’m using Musicbox 0.6 for many months successfully… and I realy love it !!

As I’m using it mainly with my mobile phone the webgui somewhat could need some improvement…
Is there any easy way to send a command by URL to set a specific volume ? rather than using the slider ??


That way I could simply save some predefined Bookmarks on my mobile to set the volume accordingly…

similar would be helpful for selecting/changing_to a predefined radiostation… without having to use the webgui…



Although not web based this might help you, I have started using an app called Raspberry SSH to use with mopidy, you could probably use same thing to control MPC and therefore Musicbox on your set-up.
It provides you with customisable buttons on your phone that SSH into your Musicbox, once set up you can run it as a normal SSH command.

I think mpc is still installed by default on Pi Musicbox

Use mpc volume +10 or -10 to increase or decrease in increments of 10.

You could attach a playlist or radiostation to each button, something like this
mpc clear; mpc load “Your playlist here”;mpc play

I started using it because of my banana fingers and bad eyesight and it makes things much easier for me.

Mopidy’s HTTP RPC requires HTTP POST requests, not GET. You can’t fire these off from bookmarks like you want.

Since you don’t seem to be entertaining the idea of helping to improve the PiMusicbox web client, why don’t you try one of the other web clients, perhaps one of those would be more to your taste? If you install the very latest v0.7.0RC4 at you can use moped, mopidy-mobile, mopify, simple-webclient or kuechenradio. If you are still using v0.6 then only some of those will work, I don’t remember which.

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