Trigger Play / Pause from HTTP request


I want to be able to send a HTTP request from my other control device which will cause Pi Music Box to Play or Pause. Im currently using the Autoboot and play feature to play a Spotify playlist which works great but I want to be able to play / pause it from a 3rd party device which is capable of HTTP requests.

Is here some API I can tap into do be able to send something like http://musicbox.local/play http://musicbox.local/pause ?


I have taken a look at this API and it doesnt look to accept HTTP GET requests which is all that I can send out from my 3rd party control device. It accepts JSON or HTTP POST requests.

I can also send TCP or UDP packets to IP addresses, any idea if it support commands like this? I supposed I could try and create a long HTTP POST request as a TCP packet however I feel I will reach a character limit before then.

How do people normally control Music Box from other sources such as Arduino over the network?

An alternative might be sending MPD commands over TCP, which are just simple line-base text records: