Can I Control PiMusicBox thru UDP commands?

I installed PiMusicBox today and all seems to work fine. I’m able to play internet radios without any problem, as well as control it through my Win computer.

Since I have domotica running in the house (Loxone), I wonder if it is at all possible to send UDP commands from my Domotica server to PiMusicBox to control simple things like: volume up/down, select a radio station from a few predefined internet radio streams. Please note that I a noob on RPi and Raspian/linux/…, so pls make it as understandable as possible for a novice.

Another small Q: I tried several times to set the “resize-once = true”, boot the Pi, close down the Pi, move the SD card (16GB) to my Win computer, and it’s still only 56MB. I need the space to load some of my own ripped CDs. Any reason what I’m doing wrong that this does not work ?

Thanks, Leo

No, we don’t support UDP commands. There is a HTTP JSON-RPC API available instead.

It’s the main root partition that is resized, not the Windows-readable FAT partition at /boot. /boot is not there as a way to copy music files over. I think there should be a network share that you can use to do that (I think…)