Shairport and Upmp Custom broadcast names

I know the streaming scripts are turned on and off in the settings.ini in boot/config/ and I have turned them on. I can airplay and DNLA but I don’t like the names of them that you connect to on your apple or android device.

Simply put, if I name my Pi MusicBox “music” then the airplay server will be called “music (musicbox)” and i don’t particularly like the “(musicbox)” bit.

The thing I want to do is change the name to something that isn’t dictated by the hostname (musicbox name, one of the first settings in the web UI) and doesn’t have that ugly “(musicbox)” bit.

Does anyone know where to find the .conf or startup parameters I need to change to have any name I want for my shairport-sync and umpmdcli servers.


HI Matt,

was looking for the same thing and It appears to be quite easy. Just edit the daemon script in /etc/init.d with a name you like and you are set to go :wink: