Scanning of network drive - more than 24h

Hi there.
I have linked the mopidy with my NAS drive and the first scan is still running - since more than 18h. Ok, the drive has more than 160GB music but it seems still a very long time for the scan.

Has anyone an idea why the scan is so slow?

Could i stop the scan?



I would strongly recommend running mopidy on the NAS, or a more powerfull device than the raspi for generating the library for such a large collection. That poor thing is just really really really slow :frowning:

I need to run a dozen or so rpis, one for each audio zone in my house. My music collection is huge as well. Any ideas on speeding up the scanning of the collection, or having it scan in the background ? I don’t want to run a faster computer just so the collection scans faster.

If your NAS provides a DLNA media server, like most do, I’d suggest using that with mopidy-dleyna.

It doesn’t have to do the same scanning if a DLNA server provides the content ? This is good to know.

I’m torn between using the Pi Zero or regular Pis for the musicbox clients. Scanning the collection was one of the big determinants. Any comments ?

If those regular Pis are model 2s then use those as they are noticeably more responsive.

If I am not mistaken, the mopidy version on pimusicbox, however, cannot use mopidy-dleyna. Just pointing this out as the thread was originally about pimusicbox.

Doing the initial slow scan on a more powerful machine as @adamcik said and then replicating the database to each of the pis might be a workaround. The subsequent update scans shouldn’t take too long, even on a Pi.

Oops, sorry, didn’t notice this was about MusicBox. In this case, replicating as suggested by @adamcik and @kingosticks may be your best bet.

and the reason for this is that it requires mopidy 1.0+ (IIRC). Therefore, another option would be to install mopidy manually on Raspbian. This, however, is a bit more work.

Thanks for the discussion. Very informative.

Hello! I came across this thread while trying to set up my first pi as a music server. I installed pi musicbox just fine, and plugged my USB drive with all my music into the device, and now the initial scan is closing in on three days. I took a picture of the screen I’m getting, and while at first I just assumed that since it’s roughly 321 GB of music on that drive, it was just taking it a while and that fail message was just related to the WiFi connection, now I’m not so sure.

Should I unplug the device to force a stop of this scan? And I saw it mentioned a few times to do this initial scan on a more powerful machine, and then clone it to the Pi - do you by any chance have a link to a tutorial you would recommend on how to do that? I am tech-savvy enough to be able to follow directions (even command-line level) and do basic troubleshooting, but I am not tech savvy enough to know how to do something more complex without help.