Speed/benchmarks for Pi vs Pi 2

I’m currently running Pi Musicbox on a Pi Model B and it’s pretty slow respond to web page changes and very slow to search (10 seconds to load the search results etc).

Has anybody tried Mopidy with both the original 700Mhz Pi and the 900Mhz Pi2 and seen any kind of decent performance improvement?

I saw this generic python on Pi benchmarking which shows a 3.5 fold increase in being able to execute python - http://raspi.tv/2015/raspberry-pi2-power-and-performance-measurement

so I’m hoping someone can confirm that those 10 second searches would be down to a more reasonable 3~ seconds if I were to upgrade my Pi

I found it noticeably more responsive when I last tried it but I’ve got no
hard numbers.

Some backends are slower than others to respond; these slow everything down
so it’s often worth disabling backends you are not using and using the
service filtering on musicbox-webclient’s search page whenever possible.
There is scope for expanding the very basic filtering we currently have but
I’ve not gotten round to it.

Aside from the hardware. there are some performance improvements in the
latest versions of both Mopidy and Musicbox-Webclient which will hopefully
see a Musicbox release soon. Although these are not specifically related to
searching as far as I can remember.

I’ve only had Pi 2s and never tried older models so FWIW Mopidy runs flawlessly for me. The webpage is responsive even when browsing files across the network via wi-fi.

I’ve experienced issues with Mopidy but never anything to do with performance.

I don’t know mate, but I would love to find out. I too am running a model B+. Slighly overclocked to 800MHz with no issues. But I intend on getting a Pi 2 and setting up another Musicbox mainly just to see the difference.

A little more responsiveness would be great but I tend to just run playlists and Tune in and dont find it too annoying.

If I beat you setting it up first I’ll try and get some results. And post them here or on my blog.

And now there is a Raspberry pi zero, and it already has a audio DAC available for it. Seeing as how it costs $5 and the DAC £12, the processor is about 40% faster than the other single core models, this seems like very interesting platform for mopidy/pimusicbox. Only thing is there is no Ethernet and no full size USB.

Last time I checked the phat-dat was not yet available. But yes, it’s awesome except for the networking. Most people do not have a micro usb to female usb adaptor lying around.