RPi & Iqaudio PiDAC - pops between tracks played from USB HDD

I’m using PiMusicBox with an RPi2, Iqaudio PiDAC+ card and an attached USB HDD. When the player is switching between tracks played off the HDD there is a loud crackle/pop. The tracks themselves play fine. Is there any way to cure the pops between tracks ?

This is likely due to us re-initializing audio between each track. I have a branch targeted for one of the next releases that implements gapless which should fix this. But until this lands there isn’t much to do about it I suspect.

Thanks for the info and good to hear the gapless fix is on the way

Update - this may have been a power issue. I connected the USB HDD to a powered USB hub and I’m not getting the crackling noise between tracks now. The Pi is powered with a 2 amp plug and I thought this was enough, but maybe not !