Control mopidy via remote commandline

I just set up mopidy with mopidy-spoitfy and the mopidy musicbox webclient which is working perfectly!

Now what I want to do is controlling my music from the command line. Just Next and Pause/Play via shortcuts on my ubuntu-pc like i did before, when the music ran on the PC itself.

Since it really is just these simple 3 things I want to do I thought there might be a quick solution to this.
Is there an extension I did not see which can achieve this?


Check out mpc

Great thanks!
Does exactly what I want and even more…
Jeez, I see it coming. I’ll be displaying the song title and more info somewhere soon :smiley:


this link currently not working :frowning:



For me it does.
Alternatively simply do apt-get install mpc on your machine.

Google has many copies of the mpc manual. Search for it