Adding mopidy to a diy surround system

Hi guys,

I have a really ambicious project to automate my old surround system

i have some questions
after figuring out the communication between the raspberry and for instance the display on the radio how is it possible to get the music title artist lenght and so on retrieved. and how can i trigger a skip, pause and play action.

Not quite sure what you are looking for, if it’s a simple way of controlling mopidy or pimusicbox I would use LIRC, I did a walkthrough on setup ages ago here it’s probably out of date by now but might give you an idea of how to.
I have very little programming knowledge and found with lirc I had so much choice as to what it could do quite easily. You can change volume, next, previous and pause, even choose from a preselected up to 10 playlists to play.

ok, thanks for that. but can it retrieve information about the song?
like artist or title

It can, but how did you want to use that info, you can use TTS to tell you, or do you mean to display it on the existing panel on the radio.

send it to an existing display on my radio so i think using usb serial would be the right move

Oh right, way over my head then I’m afraid. Good luck, let us know how you get on.

ok something easy. um writing that info to a text file

um didnt mean that. the data will be processed thru a arduino.
and the data will be processed by a python script