Raspbian Stretch and Mopidy

I can’t say I spent any time trying to fix it (I just dropped back to my latest backup), but I upgraded Jessie to Stretch and had no luck playing back. I have two new SD cards coming and I’ll do a straight up build as time permits to see what I find. I’m curious if anyone else has tried the latest Raspbian release and what their experiences were.


OK, I’ve got two new SD cards that I’m loading with Stretch (full). I should be ready to play within the next week, or if I fail that I’ll be home on vacation the week of the 4th of September.

I’m surprised by the lack of responses, honestly.


There’s very little difference between Jessie and Stretch and it only just came out and people are on holiday. I don’t think it’s surprising.

But you have reminded me to try it which I will now do.

A fresh Raspbian Stretch install worked fine for me.

Thanks. I had done it with an apt-get dist-upgrade. The UI came up but playback would just spin forever.

One of the things that changed in Raspbian Stretch is wireless. I had a tough time this week getting my new Pi Zero W’s to hook up. There appear to be a number of people having issues with it. I ultimately got it to work through means unknown: as far as I can tell I wasn’t doing anything different than my failed attempts, but it finally took.

The reason I bring that up is that at this point I think Raspbian Stretch should be approached with caution until it becomes a bit more mature. Have fallback positions in place.


Ahh OK I was using the lite version and wired connection. But mopidy itself is absolutely fine with stretch.

FWIW, there’s a new version of Raspbian Stretch available as of last Thurday (September 7, 2017) that is supposed to make networking more seamless, which I think means that they reverted to Raspbian Jessie behavior.

I’m downloading it now and I should make some headway on testing today.

The new version of Stretch simplifies networking again to Jessie-like levels. If you install XRDP for a Remote Desktop interface, Stretch works whereas Jessie needed you to disable things that I can’t remember. With Stretch and XRDP you can now copy/paste (at least) text from the host machine to the Pi client, which is a major step forward for my workflow.

The image I have built up for myself is going to be the base image on all of my Mopidy servers. There’s no reason for me to not do it that I’ve found yet.