Mopidy 3.1.0 released and 11 extensions updated


Over the last week and a half we’ve cut new releases of all 11 extensions living under the Mopidy GitHub organization, and finally, now also of Mopidy itself. In other words, everything fixed over the last year should now be released.

For the details on Mopidy itself, see For the details on the extensions, check out the release details in the sidebar of the GitHub project pages.

All packages are available from PyPI. I’ll make a round of updates of the Debian packages within a couple of days.

As for the Arch Linux packages and Homebrew formulas, help with updating packages are most welcome!


I’d like to highlight the two big fixes in Mopidy-Spotify v4.1.0:

  • Load all tracks in “Your Music”, “Playlists” and “Top lists”. (PR: #279)
  • Fix gapless playback. (Fixes: #160, PR: #269, #277)

These came from users (rather than the core team) and that’s really great to see. Thank you, both!

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