Pizeroaudio DAC

I couldn’t find any info on if the PiZeroAudio DAC is supported and/if how to go about enabling it in the image.

I’m attempting to setup a pi0w w/ this DAC and struggling appropriately. I can get the image running but no audio :frowning:

–Thank you

Is it this thing? https://www.raspiaudio.com/home/

Their documentation is absolute junk (stones, glass houses, I know) so I’m really not sure what driver it needs. Would it kill them to just clearly state that on their website like everyone else in the world?

My guess is that it piggy backs off the HifiBerry driver like most cheap cards. If it is that card I’ll have a look at their script in more detail.

You are right, there is a guy in the reviews using it with the hifiberry-dac - unless it’s different setting for the zero
"I’m using this with a PiMusicBox distro on an RPi 3. Solder the board, plug it in and set the audio output setting to hifiberry_dac. No other software installation is required."

Excellent, thanks @Steve_Lambert.

Their “official” install scripts looks to be rip-off of the one developed by Pimoroni for their PhatDAC, but with bugs added. Personally I’d go for the PhatDAC but I appreciate it might be dependent on what you can get where you live. Good luck with it.