No album list in MPDroid

Hi all, I think mopidy together with MPDroid is a great solution for a raspbian music player. I set this up. All went fine and easy! Thank you and big compliments!

However, in MPDroid the album list is empty although all other information (Artists, tracks ect.) is available. I read somewhere about a protocol version issue in mopidy. I do not know how to address this.

Here is what I have:

raspbian 8 (jessie), up-to-date
Mopidy 2.1.0
MPDroid 1.07.2
mopidy logfile debug output: Nothing reported here.

Has anybody an idea how to this fixed?


You can use the hack suggestedt at

EDIT: I’ve no idea if that (still) works.

Or you could use an Android client that uses Mopidy’s “native” Web Socket API. IMHO both Remotedy and Mopidy Mobile are good alternatives to MPDroid :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I had seen this before, but the files mentioned there do not exist in my current installation.

If you run ‘mopidy deps’ it’ll tell you where the files are.

Thank you! - This looks promising: I do get the albums list in both Remotedy and Mopidy Mobile.

Also, the CPU load of my PI is now at 20% where it was 98% (and no response from/to MPDroid) before when playing music. (I guess the http interface is very resource hungry.)

Unfortunately, I am not a python expert and thus a little hepless here … - Thanks four your help!

Mopidy-MusicBox-Webclient is also a solid choice! :wink:

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