Problem with Mopidy extension development in Eclipse

I’m using mopidy-tunein. I want to find out why one of my favorite stations doesn’t work. I followed the steps for setting up the development environment and I mopidy works as it should and I can use the extension.
I’d like to debug it though. I don’t have much experience with Python. I chose Eclipse/PyDev as an IDE and managed to start mopidy within it. However there it does not recognize the extension. I assume this is because PyDev has no clue of the virtualenv. How can I fix this? Also if there is an easier alternative to Eclipse please let me know …

Alright, I found out how to solve this. Similar as to this description what I had to do was this:
Set up eclipse to use the python wrapper in the virtual environment
Go to Window -> Preferences -> Interpreter Python
and create a new interpreter. Select the python wrapper from the virtual environment ($HOME/.virtualenvs/mopidy/bin/python/python2.7). The libraries should be selected automatically - leave them as they are. In the project properties change the interpreter to use the newly created one (Project -> Properties -> PyDev Python Interpreter)