Development environment

I’m trying to setup the dev environment from the instructions at

Have reached the point where I start mopidy from the virtualenv (mopidy):

(mopidy) pi@mopidy2:~/mopidy-dev $ mopidy
INFO Starting Mopidy 2.0.0-77-gaa32936
INFO Loading config from builtin defaults
INFO Loading config from /home/pi/.config/mopidy/mopidy.conf
INFO Loading config from command line options
INFO Enabled extensions: mpd, alsamixer, http, stream, spotify_tunigo, mobile, m3u, softwaremixer, file, musicbox_webclient, podcast
INFO Disabled extensions: spotify, dirble, local
WARNING Found dirble configuration errors, the extension has been automatically disabled:
WARNING dirble/api_key must be set.
WARNING Found local configuration errors, the extension has been automatically disabled:
WARNING local/media_dir must be set.
WARNING Found spotify configuration errors, the extension has been automatically disabled:
WARNING spotify/username must be set.
WARNING spotify/password must be set.
WARNING Please fix the extension configuration errors or disable the extensions to silence these messages.
INFO Starting Mopidy mixer: SoftwareMixer
INFO Starting Mopidy audio
INFO Starting Mopidy backends: StreamBackend, M3UBackend, FileBackend, PodcastBackend, SpotifyTunigoBackend
INFO Audio output set to "autoaudiosink"
INFO Starting Mopidy core
INFO Starting Mopidy frontends: MpdFrontend, HttpFrontend
INFO MPD server running at [::ffff:]:6600
INFO HTTP server running at [::ffff:]:6680
INFO Starting GLib mainloop

I assumed that the configuration file to be used was the same as the one that I have for mopidy2.0.0, and therefore extensions such as spotify should work also work in the dev environment.

So I wonder if the above printout is expected or if I have some issue with the configuration files?

The normal config output is:
pi@mopidy2:~/mopidy-dev/mopidy $ sudo service mopidy start
pi@mopidy2:~/mopidy-dev/mopidy $ sudo mopidyctl config
Running “/usr/bin/mopidy --config /usr/share/mopidy/conf.d:/etc/mopidy/mopidy.conf config” as user mopidy
cache_dir = /var/cache/mopidy
config_dir = /etc/mopidy
data_dir = /var/lib/mopidy
max_tracklist_length = 10000

color = true
console_format = %(levelname)-8s %(message)s
debug_format = %(levelname)-8s %(asctime)s [%(process)d:%(threadName)s] %(name)s\n %(message)s
debug_file = /var/log/mopidy/mopidy-debug.log
config_file = /etc/mopidy/logging.conf

mixer = alsamixer
mixer_volume = 55
output = autoaudiosink
buffer_time = 1000

scheme =
hostname =
port =
username =
password =

enabled = false ; Extension disabled by user config.

enabled = true
browse_root = Podcasts.opml
browse_order = desc
lookup_order = asc
cache_size = 64
cache_ttl = 86400
timeout = 10

enabled = true
title = Mopidy Mobile on $hostname
ws_url =

enabled = true
card = 0
control = Master

enabled = true
api_key = a25cc4530f53f53eb8971375d9
countries =
timeout = 5000

enabled = true
region =
sub_genres = true
cache_time = 3600

enabled = true
username = alexjaw69
password = ********
bitrate = 160
volume_normalization = true
private_session = false
timeout = 10
allow_cache = true
allow_network = true
allow_playlists = true
search_album_count = 20
search_artist_count = 10
search_track_count = 50
toplist_countries =

enabled = true
hostname =
port = 6600
password =
max_connections = 20
connection_timeout = 60
zeroconf = Mopidy MPD server on $hostname
command_blacklist =
default_playlist_scheme = m3u

enabled = true
hostname =
port = 6680
static_dir =
zeroconf = Mopidy HTTP server on $hostname

enabled = true
protocols =
metadata_blacklist =
timeout = 5000

enabled = true
base_dir =
default_encoding = latin-1
default_extension = .m3u8
playlists_dir = /var/lib/mopidy/playlists

enabled = true

enabled = true
media_dirs =
show_dotfiles = false
follow_symlinks = false
metadata_timeout = 1000

enabled = true
library = json
media_dir = /var/lib/mopidy/media
scan_timeout = 1000
scan_flush_threshold = 100
scan_follow_symlinks = false
excluded_file_extensions =

By default, Mopidy will look for its config file in ~/.config/mopidy/mopidy.conf, so this is normal behavior.

Only when running as a service, this location is changed to system config directory.

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