Mopidy-Spotify question

Is it possible to control spotify using the command line or voice control using Mopidy? like searching for specific song and playing it? (e.g " Play {song} by {artist} ").

You can use MPC to control Spotify, I don’t think it comes with Mopidy so you need to install it;

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mpc

To search & play this works ’ mpc search title “Space Oddity” | mpc add; mpc play ’

There are plenty of people trying to use voice control with mopidy - do a search on here you’ll find a couple. I’ve tried it with “Snips” , it didn’t work and the support was non existent.

If it’s anything like my raspberry pi based google assistant, you’ll need a lot of patience to find the tracks you want it to play - it turns my lights off when it feels like it, other times it mishears or offers me places to buy a kitchen/dining table/bed.

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Thank you for your reply, Steve. Is it possible to use MPC to control the music even the spotify client is not running? Sorry for the n00b question, this is my first time to use Mopidy. :joy:

It will work for local files but I’m not sure about any other extensions, if you are not logged into Spotify then I would suggest that it won’t work. Not being sure what you are trying achieve it’s probably best to try it and post back if you can’t sort it out.