USB-Soundcard Multimedia Keys to control mopidy

Hello all!

I have mopidy on my RPi 2, using the PiMusicBox-Distribution.

Attached is a CREATIVE XMOD Wireless USB-Soundcard (“ancient” Multiroom-System) which works fine so far.

These sound-cards also have multimedia keys which I want to use, to control mopidy. What is the suggested method to do so? I remember doing this with the help of lirc - which was a littlebit cumbersome (had to write scripts, which were invoked on keypress etc.).

Does mopidy feature a direct connection of a kind-of-USB-keyboard?

Thanks a lot for ideas,

PS: evtest already lists all the keyboard events - so no connection issue to be checked.

I use with MPC for basic functions using a IR remote control

prog = irexec
button = KEY_PAUSE
config = mpc toggle
prog = irexec
config = mpc next;mpc play

That might do the trick. More on MPC here

Hi Steve,

thanks for the fast reply. That’s what I did in the past, too. I was wondering, wether there would be a “better” way to do it…
Do you remember, what configs you did? I found several ideas on which one was mandatory or not (lirc, lircmd, …)…

Thanks again,

Hi Guntram,

I’ve listed all the steps here

Unfortunately my knowledge is quite limited so I took the easy option and cobbled together directions from a few sources, so I don’t know if there is a “better” way, but this way worked and was reasonably painless :slight_smile: