Frustrating track order issue

hi mopidians, (mopidopterans? I don’t know the preferred collective noun for a group of mopidy users)…

Super frustrating issue that may be related to this post from 2014: Album track order vs library track order - #4 by adamcik

I’m having issues with some albums playing out of order, consistently. I don’t know if this issue is from Iris, the back end or what.

Tracks appear fine in the Local Browse view but Play, Add to Play Queue or whatever dumps the tracks in out of order. Worse, there’s no way to order a given play queue so I can’t fix it.

Happy to file a bug and dump some logs here, but honestly, I just wanted to listen to some damned music. :frowning:

Can you try other frontends so we can eliminate iris.

yeah, will re-enable musicbox.

… after 30 minutes of poking at my config to re-enable this, I can’t seem to get it working. Maybe the extension got uninstalled at some point. I’ll look back when I have some more time.

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