Playlists from network drive

is there a possibility to somehow point Musicbox to playlist files (i.e. m3u) stored on a network drive or, alternatively, to have some command executed on start up to have playlist files copied to the sd-card and its paths changed accordingly?
I am aware of this discussion Load playlists from music directory? but this does not seem to have solved the issue.

Change your playlist_dir config setting to point to the network drive?

Thanks, I will change playlists_dir = /var/lib/mopidy/playlists to /
As of now my playlists all have entries following the syntax:
’…/Nick Drake_1969_Five Leaves Left/01_Time Has Told Me.mp3’
Will this work?

I believe that any relative paths in your playlist files should be relative
to your music_dir setting.

Can’t you just use /music/Network/ ? (just prefix all the files with that)

On my musicbox I have such a path and in it all the music that has been scanend from NAS.I have always assumed it to be a symlink to the NAS. This might be only when using sqlite, because I think that json and others don’y use this scheme?

I’ll try just with changing the directory path. I think that new prefixes would probably break playlists playback on my PC ie on Musicbee etc…

if you mean that the same files would then not work in some other location, of course this is true. this will only work when on musicbox. but since playlist files are small and you can edit them with text editor, i’d just make new ones and put them on the musicbox. in other words: have seperate playlist files on the different computers.

What about using that directory in the conf file. What I mean is that instead of
playlists_dir = /
playlists_dir = /music/Network/music/playlists

Would that work?