Local Playlist of audio files on NAS- MusicBox0.6

I can only find limited examples of playlists on here, and I can’t get a playlist of network files to work. To be clear, this is unlike a previous topic of the playlist file itself being on the NAS. My playlist and media settings in mopidy.conf are the default locations.
This post was helpful: https://github.com/mopidy/mopidy/issues/499
I exported an m3u file from iTunes and edited the EXTINF and file path to various formats with no luck. I’ve also mixed various formats for spaces. Here are some of what I’ve tried for path (I really thought the first example would work given some other log entires):

#EXTINF:226,Hold On - Alabama Shakes

/Artists/Alabama Shakes/Boys & Girls/02 Hold On.mp3
/music/MusicBox/iTunes\ Music/Alabama/ Shakes…
file://music/musicBox/iTunes Music/…
/Network/iTunes\ Music/Alabama\ Shakes…

This track plays manually from Browse -> Local Media, but I get an error in the log that the file isn’t found when attempting to play from a playlist m3u file. Could somebody help my formatting so I can get this to work, please?