Music stops playing when mopidy and musicbox both run on Raspberry Pi 3

I have a raspberry pi 3 with the latest Raspian Jessie Pixel release hooked up to the official Raspberry pi 7" touch screen. I’m using the mopidy 2.01 and the latest version of music box. The idea is that the screen is used to display the artwork and progress of the current track using musicbox whilst streaming the music via bluetooth to a separate speaker. The screen can also be used to control playback etc, but I tend to use my phone for that. I am streaming music from Spotify.

All of this works, however, at random times the music will just stop playing. I have switched on debug via the mopidy config file and monitored output via journalctl, but no obvious errors appear in there.

I also tried another web client - spotmop - which has the exact same problem, but the problem usually arises much sooner i.e. while playing the first track.

Here’s the odd thing. If I don’t fire up a web client, or, I have the web client running on a separate pc, playback is flawless. So, it appears to be the fact that I’m running both mopidy and client on the pi 3.

Any ideas what would cause this?


Just an update on this. I decide to try midori browser on the pi3, using spotmop as the web client running in that browser. This works well for displaying the artwork, but there is no current track position updates happening, which I don’t really care about.

So it suggests that the problem lies with the messages that get sent to update the current track position. Again, this only occurs if the browser (which was chromium before) is running on the same pi as mopidy. If the browser runs on another device, the problem doesn’t occur.