Pimusicbox with touchscreen 2.8 inch

Hello there,
I am very new to the whole raspberry pi thing, and I am a bit struggling with my music box, I wanted to make this one:this one

But when the parts arrived I found out that volumio didn’t had Spotify access (maybe I didn’t see it right, but I don’t think it support it). Now I am trying to get it all running but it isn’t working, that is mainly because I use the command still from the link from above. So, I need your help with the coding!
Thank you in advance!

I’m pretty sure Volumio supports Spotify as it says so right on their frontpage. I suggest you ask in their forums how to use it if you don’t understand.

I personally have no experience using a touchscreen with pimusicbox. It can be done, if you search on here (always a good idea before posting on any forum) there are existing topics regarding using touchscreens, such as Anyone use the Mopidy Touchscreen Front end?. Sorry, I can’t really help with this.