PiMusicbox PiZero2w support?

Can anyone help me to get PiMusicBox running on a Pizero 2w please ?
I get the rainbow screen when trying to boot from SD card using image V0.7.0RC7

I’m particularly interested by this question as I’m in the same case.
Also the led doesn’t blink at all. I changed the configuration file with my wifi network name & password, but it doesn’t connect.


I have the same issue, bought PiZero 2 W and it’s doing exactly the same - rainbow screen, led not flashing at all, can’t connect.


I really think we have to wait until an update…

Not supported sorry. Only models before pi 4 work. I’ve no plans to do any more pi musicbox releases. Try the hifi Berry software. Or something like volumio, rune etc.

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