Pi Musicbox + torrenting

I am looking to set up my newly acquired RPi2 to do two things:

  1. use Deluge to seed torrented FLACs stored on a USB HD,
  2. use Pi Musicbox to play the FLACs and Spotify to my hifi through a HifimeDIY USB DAC.

Not at the same time, of course, as I’ll not want playback to suffer.

But using separate boot SDs will be a pain. I would rather have a way to switch between the two apps.

Should I use BerryBoot to set it up? Or is there a better way to drop in and out of Raspbian from Pi MusicBox so I can run Deluge or a browser?

I’m not familiar with BerryBoot. Pi Musicbox is built on Raspbian so you can install whatever extra packages you want. Presumably you can control deluge from a different machine using it’s web browser interface so I don’t see any requirement for a Desktop environment running on the pi. Unless of course you want one, in which case you could also just install that on Musicbox too (and increase the GPU memory allocation in /boot/config.txt).

Just to conclude, I now have both Mopidy and Transmission running on the RPi2 under Raspbian, with a USB HDD attached. (It is a bit noisy and I will replace with a 256gb SSD.) My DAC is performing well into my hi-fi. I am trialling MPDroid and Remotedy as MPD clients on my Android smartphone. Since I would rather boot up in the LXDE GUI, use a USB keyboard/mouse, and run other packages like a browser (iceweasel), I am not using MusicBox. Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll be back for more :wink: