How to auto play a Spotify playlist?

In settings it says that Musicbox can automatically start playing after startup if given a URL. My goal is to get the autoplay at startup to play a specific Spotify playlist.

I’ve tried giving it an HTTP and a Spotify URI copied from the playlist in the Mac version of Spotify but no luck.
Console reports error directory of file not found (makes sense)

Is this not possible or am I missing something important

Never tried it myself but the mechanism just uses MPD commands and should be entirely possible given a URI that Mopidy understands. If I wanted to use “Billboard Hot 100” at I would set the pimusicbox setting to

Somewhat related:

With the upcoming Mopidy-Spotify 2 + pyspotify 2, and URIs will be interpreted correctly too.

Now we just need to switch from just URI scheme matching to URI prefix matching in Mopidy for Mopidy to route these URIs to the correct backend as well :slight_smile: Ref.

That should work indeed. Does it, @KevinAWolfe ?

Perhaps. Pardon my naivete but is @jodal’s discussion about Mopidy-Spotify 2 + pyspotify 2 something I can implement now or is it something I need to wait for a general, stable release in order to use?

pyspotify 2.0.0b3 is out on PyPI.

Mopidy-Spotify 2 is still in development, and not useful yet. I’ll try to remember to update this thread when I push a first prerelease to PyPI.

If you want to have a closer look, development happens in the feature/pyspotify2-rewrite branch at

Hi everyone,

i created an android app to start play spotify on headset/bluetooth device connect. Its currently in Alpa - for free. Anyone testing it would be appreciated ->

A feature where you might pass in the playlist which should be played could be added as well, right now the app just resumes where spotify last played.

Bye, Andi

Please start a new thread instead of hijacking a 1.5y old thread.

can confirm solution from kingosticks works if you adjust settings straight on settings.ini (so not via GUI because of 40char limit)

Her Edwin2014, great catch! Where would you place the url in the settings.ini? Can’t seem to finde the line of code.

It should be the setting with the big comment describing the autoplay functionality…
i.e. autoplay =

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Thanks, has this been tested before or is it still theory? Mine did not autoplay, maybe it has to be put inside quotes?

Edit: It worked after a reboot :slight_smile:

Is there a similar tag as “autoplay = [something]” in modipy?? I can not find it. :frowning:

No, that’s a Musicbox feature.

You should be able to replicate this yourself by re-using some of the scripting logic in: