Output to 2 alsa devices silmutaneously?

I want to output my audio to 2 alsa devices silmutaneously.
1st output to my raspberry’s headphone jack (device=plug:output)
2nd output to an additional alsa device named peppyalsa (device=peppyalsa), which is used to feed audio into a named pipe (fifo), on the other end of that pipe/fifo I’m running peppymeter (a vu meter on my SPI touchscreen).
peppyalsa is an alsa plugin created by the maker of peppymeter to work around the blocking behaviour of fifo.

When testing the peppyalsa device with aplay the vu meter (peppymeter) starts immediately:
aplay -D peppyalsa /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav

Now I try to output my audio from mopidy to my 2 alsa devices.
This works somehow, BUT the output to peppyalsa starts exactly after 1:05 minutes, so my vu meter starts too late, once it’s running audio is in sync.

Here are 2 output configuration I tried that work like this:

output = audioresample ! tee name=t ! queue ! alsasink device=plug:output t. ! queue ! audioresample ! alsasink device=peppyalsa

output = tee name=t t. ! queue ! alsasink device=plug:output t. ! queue ! alsasink device=peppyalsa

Both have the same behaviour, I tried some other gstreamer configs but these didn’t work at all.
I don’t know where this start delay is coming from.

Can anybody point me in the right direction how to get audio output on both alsa devices silmutaneously ?

I hope someone gets the idea.

Did you try using alsa to fork to two devices? Google: