Request for mopidy.config example of specified alsa device

Can someone please provide an example of the [audio] section of mopidy.config that specifies a particular audio device other than the default alsa device?

Currently on my system mopidy is sending sound output to the default alsa device. This command also results in sound coming out this device:

gst-launch-1.0 audiotestsrc ! audioresample ! alsasink

This command results in sound coming out of the desired device:

gst-launch-1.0 audiotestsrc ! audioresample ! alsasink device=plughw:CARD=Audio,DEV=0

The plughw:CARD=Audio,DEV=0 bit is copied from the output of the command:

aplay -L

What I have currently in /etc/mopidy.conf is the following:

output = alsasink
device = plughw:CARD=Audio,DEV=0

However the log file has the following error (the beginnings of these lines have been removed)

WARNING [MainThread] mopidy.main Found fatal audio configuration errors:
WARNING [MainThread] mopidy.main audio/device unknown config key.
ERROR [MainThread] mopidy.main Please fix fatal configuration errors, exiting…

It is not clear to me whether a keyword other than device needs to be used, or if the format of the value of the device keyword is not as expected. Can someone please clarify that for me?

There should be lots of examples on this forum. For your example, you would do

output = alsasink device=plughw:CARD=Audio,DEV=0

Thank you very much. That worked.

Try as I might I just couldn’t find the right search terms to find those examples.

No worries. To be fair I happen to know most people were interested in “alsasink” and “device” when looking for help configuring the pipeline. Maybe I’ll add another example to the docs.

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