Mopidy - Local - Music Dir issue


I installed mopidy on my pi-4-8gb . In the configuraion for the music directory of Local, i am using:

/mnt/HDD1/General Media/Music

the issue is, the folder (General Media) has one space between General & Media, so i have tried the following alternatives and none sems to make a difference:

General\ Media ( back slash and then space)
General \Media ( space and then back slash)
General_Media (underscore instead of space)
General Media ( just one space)

Any idea?


I would have guessed that the first option would work. Any chance you can try it with a directory that has no space in it to make sure it’s the space that causes it?
Have you tried putting the entire string into quotes?

Thanks for the reply. Actually the 4th one was the right way ( just one space in between) , i dont recall whatelse i did, ( it was 20 days ago!) But now works fine.