No settings.ini, /boot/ folder empty


Pretty much everything is in the title. This is my first time playing with Musicbox, and I’ve only played a couple times with RPis, but as I understand it after writing the image to the SD card, the settings.ini file should be found in /boot/config/. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the /boot/ folder.

A file search does not produce any settings.ini file in the entire filesystem.

I’ve tried downloading and installing v0.7.0RC6 twice, and v0.7.0RC5 once and same issue. Checksums were all good. My laptop’s OS is fedora 29 and I’m using etcher 1.4.9 if that is of any help.

Am I doing something completely wrong?

There should be two partitions on the SD card once written. A fat32 boot partition with all the config files including config/settings.ini, and a root partition where the boot folder will be empty. Are you mounting the fat32 partition and looking there? This should be the same as other raspberry pi images.

Ok thanks that clears it up! Obviously I’m not a big Pi guy.

Turns out the boot partition didn’t automatically mount or show up in Nautilus for some reason, I had to change its UUID in gparted and mount it through the shell, but now I have access.

thanks again!