MusicBox where to find settings.ini?


I installed the MusicBox web-client through pip but I cannot find the settings.ini file anywhere?

On the musicbox image for raspberry pi, settings.ini lives in
/boot/config/. If you are just installing the webclient on a normal
raspbian image then there will not be a settings.ini file as that
functionality is part of musicbox.

Ah okay. Thanks

Just because its been stuck at “Trying to reach MusicBox” now for quite a while, and thought I forgot to set something up.

That normally is what you’d get if Mopidy’s http server isn’t running and
it cannot connect to the websocket.

It says here that the HTTP server is running?

INFO     Starting Mopidy 1.1.1
INFO     Loading config from builtin defaults
INFO     Loading config from /root/.config/mopidy/mopidy.conf
INFO     Loading config from command line options
INFO     Enabled extensions: mopify, mpd, http, file, stream, m3u, youtube, softwaremixer, moped, musicbox_webclient, websettings, local, soundcloud
INFO     Disabled extensions: spotify
INFO     Starting Mopidy mixer: SoftwareMixer
INFO     Starting Mopidy audio
INFO     Starting Mopidy backends: SoundCloudBackend, StreamBackend, M3UBackend, FileBackend, LocalBackend, YoutubeBackend
INFO     Audio output set to "autoaudiosink"
INFO     Loaded 0 M3U playlists from /root/.local/share/mopidy/m3u
INFO     Loaded 5763 local tracks using json
INFO     Starting Mopidy core
INFO     Starting Mopidy frontends: QueueManagerFrontend, MpdFrontend, HttpFrontend
INFO     MPD server running at [::]:6600
INFO     HTTP server running at [::]:80

Port 80 is a very common port for web services. Can you make sure no other process is using it by running netstat -lnp on your terminal?

My question is why is Mopidy’s HTTP server running on port 80 and not 6680? You must have ignored the warning in settings.ini and changed some of those settings, which is not necessary.