New to mopidy: do we have a remote media caching infrastructure?


Let’s say I have 3 songs from youtube playing on repeat (same for any other remote backend).

Is mopidy able to cache the audio locally so we don’t re-download hundreds of megs of video on each round?

Googling mopidy gstreamer filesink, which to the untrained eye might look to be the first way to accomplish this, gives a super low result count with no useful info.

This leads me to believe mopidy isn’t capable of saving remote audio locally yet.

Your thoughts?

I guess youtube-dl -x makes extraction quite trivially simple.

So far this has been the responsibility of the backend library as the cache can be optimised for the particular service. For example, there’s no way we’d want to cache Spotify songs when libspotify can (and does) do a much better job.