Features verification


I’m considering implementing Mopidy for a client (for streaming music from local storage in businesses.

Before I can recommend it, I’d like to verify whether some features are in place (I could not find it in the documentation - but I might have simply overlooked it).

  1. Does Mopidy have the ability to auto-continue from one playlist to another?
  2. Can I “like” or “dislike” songs (rate songs)? If it is supported, is it logged?
  3. Does it log when a playlist started / switched?
  4. Is there a dropbox / AWS S3 sync-extension to download music files & playlists from? (If there isn’t - I might be inclined to create it. I’ve already set up syncing between AWS S3 and local storage on a Raspberry-Pi.)

Thanks in advance!

I think broadly it’s a no for all 4 in terms of being built-in. But they are all achievable.

1 and 3. A playlist in Mopidy is simply a persistent collection of tracks. If you add a playlist to the queue, you are really just loading the tracks into the queue. I don’t know how Mopidy could know which collection of tracks to play next once it has played everything in the queue, unless you explicitly told it by also adding those tracks to the queue. The idea of playlists being somehow related to each other (e.g. they have an order?) does not exist in Mopidy. However, you could provide this functionality with an external script/program that listens for the playback state changing to “stopped” (the current queue has finished), picks another playlist, loads the tracks and starts playing them.

2 I think there might be some frontends that add this functionality. For example, Mopidy-Party lets you vote on tracks to skip them.

4 If you already have it setup on your system so some remote filesystem is synced to a local folder, couldn’t you configure Mopidy-Local and Mopidy-M3U to use that local folder? But yes, you could also create an extension if you wanted.

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