(NEW) Official logo design

Hi :smile:
What is the official mopidy logo? Is it available in high resolution?
I saw there is a logo on the official site: logo
But I think Its needed to design a brand new logo, maybe someone has this skills to make a new one. Maybe a competition with rating will be good…
Its just an IDEA :smile: to make a new awesome logo.

(I know its not so important (low priority) but it will be good if the clients can use a well designed logo in a well designed client…)

+1 for an official Mopidy logo, and not just a Unicode character :wink:

Anyone with design skills or not, please feel free to come up with a design.

And while you’re at it, contributions to https://github.com/tkem/mopidy-mobile/issues/74 are welcome :wink:

I think a lot of people use mopidy but not everybody read this forum.
So maybe the first step could be to post it via official twitter, and facebook.
And a popup message on a homepage about this “competition”.