ANNOUNCEMENT: Mopidy Mobile Translators Wanted!

Hi everybody,

as you may know, Mopidy Mobile is a Mopidy client aimed at mobile devices that’s available both as a Web extension and an Android app.

So far, Mopidy Mobile’s user interface has been translated to German, Spanish and Catalan, and a Polish translation is in the works. Now if you always wanted to see Mopidy Mobile in your native language, that’s actually quite easy: Start with one of the existing locale files (for example German or Spanish) and replace the foreign language texts on the right side of the colons as you see fit. Words within curly brackets {...} are placeholders, used either for variable names ({name}) which needn’t be translated, or for pluralization ({count, plural, one{1 Sekunde} other{# Sekunden}}) so you can provide different texts for zero (=0), one, or multiple (other, with # being replaced by the actual number) seconds or tracks.

When you’re done, the preferred way of submitting a new translation would be opening a new issue - or even a full-fledged pull request - on GitHub, but that’s not a necessity. If you don’t have a GitHub account, you can also simply send your results to, or put it up on Pastebin/Google Drive/Dropbox/whatever and link it here for public review.

Kind regards,