Icon for consume function

I’m trying to find some icons for Mopidy’s playback functions. Ordinary ones like play, pause, etc. are easy, but I’m having trouble with “consume”. I know the function, but what is an appropriate icon? It’s not seen in other music players.

Does anyone have som ideas from/links to other projects?

Most other icons can be found at:

We actually had a very similar discussion some time ago. It’s probably
buried on one of the other frontend project’s github issue trackers.
Musicbox-webclient has a knife and fork and someone else (mopidy mobile, i
think) was using pacman. But there doesn’t appear to be a good convention,
although I think we talked about establishing some. Please update if you
find something good.

I like pacman. The first time I saw that icon, I immediately knew what Mopidy feature it represented.

@jodal: Then you will probably like to hear that pacman is scheduled to make a comeback in Mopidy-Mobile around Christmas time this year :wink:

This starts to look like a convention :smile:
I tried with a Pacman icon - and I like it too…

@mmmunk: Can’t wait to see it :wink:
@jodal: Seems like Christmas is coming early this year :wink:

I also thought about this for some minutes and played around in Illustrator. What about these icons: