NAS-"Wake on Lan" possible?

Hi there,

i´m using an selfmade NAS/Homeserver running Openmediavault 1.13 as storage for my music-collection and mounting the CIFS/SMB-Share in Mopidy in “Pi Musicbox” workes nicely. The problem is: the NAS isn´t running all the time and must be WOLed by the client (which works perfectly with an Openelec-RPi2 and an i3-based Mediaportal-HTPC).

My first Question is: how can i make Mopidy send a WOL-Packet prior to playback?

My second Question is a little bit more complicated:

Same NAS is able to set itself to sleep-mode on various preconditions (i.e. checking for specific IP-adresses or monitoring the amount of data traffic). In my case the NAS checks if there are SMB/CIFS-Connections on Port 445. Server-Logs tell me that Pi Musicbox doesn´t seem to close this connection after playback has stopped, so the NAS stays awake. Again: Openelec and Mediaportal work perfectly on that topic.

Is there a way to close the connection automatically - lets say - 5 mins after playback has stopped?

I don´t know if these questions are Mopidy-related or if they are Pi-Musicbox-Problem…i tried Runeaudio and Volumio as well but they also do not offer a solution…


The shortish answer is you have two options:

  1. Create a mopidy extension which is a frontend and run stuff from inside mopidy
  2. Create a mopidy websocket or mpd client which can do the work you need

Either way you should be able to arrange to be notified about playback.

As for the mount, I think the other systems use SMB/CIFS via a library, while musicbox uses a system level mount. This is likely why you aren’t having any luck.


so there is nothing available right now for a linux-noob? That´s sad :unamused: