Mopidy - what extensions do I need


I am planning on setting up a headless pi zero W for use with mopidy, since it is currently not supported by MusicBox. I am looking to use it to stream from:

  • files on Samba NAS over wifi (also on a pi zero W)
  • Spotify
  • and maybe youtube.

Additionally, I would also like to be able to control it from multiple web browsers and phones through a nice web client and ideally have a virtual EQ. For the sound output, I am planning on using a USB DAC (Native Instruments Audio 2) that I already have.

What steps do I need to take additionally to installing mopidy?

I should maybe also mention that I have very limited programming knowledge, but managed to somehow set up the NAS.

Thanks for any advice and help!

This is what I did to get Mopidy set up on a Pi. You can install whichever extensions you like though.

You can choose any front-end you like, or run multiple ones at the same time.

If you want a mobile app, try:

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