Musicbox as Internet Radio with LCD

I use musicbox as internet radio on Pi2 and it works really great.
For cherry on cake I would like to add LCD 16x2 display to show current radio station - nowPlaying.

Any idea how to grab nowPlaying radio station tag from html page or maybe from CLI/mpc/mpd?
I tried python/beautifulsoup parser but get just

without current radio station…

Could you elaborate on how the output of mpc status doesn’t meet your requirements?

first tnx for quick replay.
mpc status gives me error:Timeout:


root@MusicBox:~# su
root@MusicBox:~# mpc status
error: Timeout

This is only reason why I tried to grab http page and parse nowPlaying.
By the way from http parsing I get :

without station name…

OK from some reson I can’t attach parsed http string.

Regarding mpc is funny that I can change volume and mpc stop/play also somehow work.

I think it depends where you take the radio station from, if I use mpc status for anything from tunein I get a timeout but if it’s a direct one (like on pimusicbox streams page) it shows up straight away.

root@lounge:~# mpc status
3FM Serious Radio
[playing] #1/1 0:04/0:00 (0%)
volume: 11% repeat: off random: on single: off consume: off
root@lounge:~# mpc status
error: Timeout

Interesting, I was not aware of that issue.