No song Title from mpc current

Hi, I’m quite new to using Musicbox and Mopidy.
However, I have a rpi2 with a Adafruit 16x2 LCD and have a modified version of Usual Panics Radio

Before trying out Musicbox I had it all working, mpc current would show the title and song info from the streamed radio station. Like "Motorhead - Burner"
I would use that to print it nicely on the display. This was on Raspbian Jessie.

I wanted to try Musicbox for the extra functions like Soundcloud and Google Music (which I can’t get to work on Musicbox :stuck_out_tongue: ) so I reinstalled with pimusicbox-0.6.0.
If I play the same station from Musicbox it will only display the station name, like “Classic Hard Rock” from Audioaddicts Rockradio.

And if I run my script it also just shows the station name.

How can I make it so it uses the stream info and not that static station names?

Musicbox uses an old version of mopidy (I do not remember the version but it was older than v1.0.0).
In mopidy v1.0.0 stream_title_changed() event was added that allows to get the title of the song playing. This is why you are not able to see the song name on musicbox.

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Can I update mopidy without breaking Musicbox?

I will also look into dropping Musicbox and going with Mopsidy alone.

Yes, if you like to live dangerously. See

However, both gmusic and soundcloud are simple enough to install yourself. I would go with regular mopidy and enjoy the very latest versions.

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Haha, yes I read that page :smiley:
I will do that, use my backup to get back to regular Raspbian and then install Mopidy.

Thank you both.