Mumble-Ruby Bot possible?

Hey guys. Im kinda newbie to Linux and so on.

I installed an music bot for Mumble Servers, helped by this tut:

natenom sayed, that mopidy is an alternative for mpd. Can anybody help me with the installation?

Have you looked at the installation guide in the documentation? If you are having a specific problem then please be specific.

I dunno, how to say to the Bot. that he has to use the mopidy output.

This exact use-case came up very recently on IRC and you can see the resulting conversation at

You must configure Mopidy (gstreamer) to use a FIFO filesink as output and there are probably examples online for that. The Mumble-Ruby documentation specifies a cli.player.stream_named_pipe command which you’d presumably pass the filename of your FIFO to. i.e. cli.player.stream_named_pipe('/home/botmaster/mpd1/mpd.fifo'). But as you will have read in the above IRC log, Mopidy’s FIFO output is very fragile.

First of all, thank you for the anwser. I see, thats its fragile, but if i start mopidy and the bot before music playing it should work, right? so how to use it? :smile:

I'd never heard of the setup before your post so I have no idea (I still don't understand the point of it). You've got instructions, it should be pretty similar except the part where you specify the Fifo name. At which point you need to set Mopidy's 'output' option to use a gstreamer filesink and specify the Fifo name there. Not sure I can help any further.